For every serious game, we put ourselves in the shoes of all parties involved and uncover the problem behind the problem in a curious, playful way. This way of working is called design thinking. It ensures that we make serious games that really make a difference.

Sounds a bit scary? Don’t worry! We will ensure the entire process runs smoothly by using the scrum method. This means we work in ‘sprints’. After every sprint there’s a change to give feedback on the product and see if everyone’s still on the same page.

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What is the aim of the game? Who is the target group, which stakeholders are involved and what are their wishes? What budget do we work with? When is the project successful? These kinds of preconditions are important to take into account well before developing the game. That’s why we start by asking the right questions.


Making assumptions is definitely not the way to go when developing a game. That’s why we eliminate them with proper research. What is the real problem? What are the wishes of the end user? What is the perception of the end user? And what is the desired behavior? Based on interviews, research and research, we determine in advance what exactly is needed to achieve the desired goal within the preconditions. This provides a good foundation for the creative part: the brainstorm!


Time to come up with a creative game concept! We like to brainstorm together with clients, knowledge partners and the target group itself, using proven methodologies for a successful brainstorm. Before you know it, ten concepts will be on the table. What are the pros and cons? Are they feasible and do they meet the preconditions? By asking critical questions, we reduce the outcomes to three top concepts.

Pitch concept

Choosing a concept is easier when it’s visualised. That is why after the brainstorming session, our game designers set to work with concept art for the three best concepts. These are graphical representations of the characters and the game environment. During the concept pitch, we present the different designs to the client and preferably also the end user. A perfect test to find out which graphic style most appeals to the target group! As soon as one concept has been chosen that everyone can agree with, the “sprint 0” is completed.

Working with a backlog

Developing a serious game takes a lot of time. To make sure everyone knows what’s going on at all times, we work with a backlog. In this document, all tasks have been broken down and prioritized. We fill in the first version of the backlog as complete as possible during a backlog workshop with all stakeholders involved. Based on the starting position, we can estimate even more accurately how much time and budget is needed to realize the chosen concept.

Development process

Our development team starts building the serious game. After each sprint there is an intermediate product that can be presented. For example:  first a paper prototype, later on a technically working product, then a working product that already looks a bit better… After each sprint, feedback is collected in the backlog. This way, we can respond efficiently to changing wishes or challenges that come up during the project.


Testing the product during the development process is very important for us. We listen carefully to the reactions. Where should we make adjustments? Are we all heading in the right direction? Does this product really help the end user? The tests with the target group are very valuable moments for us. Sometimes because the reactions are moving and you see the impact of all the hard work, sometimes because a small change of course is still needed. Testing helps us to achieve the best possible end result.



Building a good serious game is one thing, but ensuring that the target group knows where to find it… that’s a completely different profession. It is a shame if a beautiful product remains on the shelf. You may already have a marketing campaign for the game in mind and enough manpower to execute that plan yourself. But if you lack the knowledge or expertise, you can also hire us for the final stretch: developing promotional material.

We got a game!

The time has come: the serious game is ready to be handed over to the client or cooperation partner. We deliberately plan this deadline some time before the product launch. This gives all those involved the time to go through the end product themselves or try it out together with other people.

Product launch

The product launch is the moment the serious game is made available to the public, for example in the Google Play Store and App Store. As with the marketing campaign, we would like to discuss in advance if you need any help with the launch. We have a lot of in-house knowledge and expertise and are happy to create tailor-made communication material in various disciplines.

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