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Missie Master: sports and exercise app for children

Exercise is important, everyone will agree. Yet in the Netherlands there is so-called “exercise poverty”: 46% of children up to the age of 11 do not meet the national exercise guidelines (Source: RIVM). The Mission Master app wants all children – rich, poor and everything in between – to exercise enough in a playful way. Solid ground for an active lifestyle and more healthy years!


The challenge

The tricky thing about serious games with a “lifestyle” goal? They are excellent at conveying a message about a good or a bad lifestyle. But actually putting that knowledge into practise, that’s a whole other story. Mission Master tackles this problem by using the app as a ‘bridge’ between the offline world and the online world. In the app, lokal sports coaches are able to publish different missions for children. Sporty and educational activities to do in their own neighbourhoods. The app can also be used to promote and connect different sports initiatives. By completing the missions that are published in their neigbourhood, children earn badges and outfits for their game character. With these kinds of gamifications, Mission Master increases the motivation to participate in sports activities in the offline world.

“Missie Master voegt veel extra’s toe aan onze activiteiten en biedt de mogelijkheid om alle losse activiteiten aan elkaar te koppelen. Ik merk dat kinderen het interessant vinden dat we middels missies, codes en medailles meer te bieden hebben dan alleen de activiteit of les.”

Sietse Pieksma, Buurtsportcoach
Sportbedrijf Drachten

The process

At first, we developed a sports and exercise app specifically for the Drachten region: Missie0512. We involved children in the design and gameplay, so that the app would optimally match their experience. Tough characters, beautiful outfits and cool badges turned out to be effective game elements to motivate children to attend sports activities more often. The desire soon arose to use the app more widely through the Netherlands. After all, a lack of exercise is a problem throughout the whole country.


The results

With the Mission Master app, children don’t feel like they “have to” do anything. They simply go on a quest with their favorite spy! Characters Evi, Kai, Jesse, Alex, Omar and Dane go undercover with the children to unravel all kinds of mysteries in the Netherlands. Each mission involves being active and learning about an healthy lifestyle, but there are nice rewards in return. This way, exercising enough becomes something that happens effortlessly. Missions can be entered in a user-friendly backend by local sports facilitators. This offers the opportunity to respond to challenges at a regional level.

“We zijn enorm blij met zowel de samenwerking als het product dat 8D Games samen met ons heeft gerealiseerd.”

Evert Jan Siderius,
Algemeen Directeur van Sportbedrijf Drachten


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