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Playfully bringing out the best in people

Playful development is magical

We develop serious games that help people develop themselves in a playful and effective manner. At work, at school, at home or wherever necessary. Whether it is a tool for children with autism or a sensorgame that helps elderly people during their physical exercises: we always strive for the best development.

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From business to government, to education and healthcare: our digital tools make a difference.


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Stichting Move2Play

Missie Master

Missie Master is an app that motivates children to play and excercise in their own neighborhood. By completing ‘missions’ – curated by local sport coaches – players earn medals and outfits for their own spy in the app. An effective bridge between ‘online’ and ‘offline’ playing.
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How can we make learning sign language fun and accessible for parents of hearing-impaired and deaf children, so that they can communicate well with their children? Together with Pento we developed Handlantis, a serious game in which you learn sign language and the associated preconditions in an idyllic underwater world.
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VR Training CJIB

How do you train your employees in a fun and effective way? Together with the CJIB we developed a virtual reality training in which the employees can simulate different situations that can occur during the work process. The training provides insight into potential bottelnecks and how you can solve them.
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Approaching a highscore for people and society

With empathy and thorough research, we ensure that both the technology and the content of our serious games connect with the players’ values. We do this in co-creation with the target group, knowledge partners and relevant experts.

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